2021 Educator Award

Congratulations to Local member Ronda Respess, winner of the third annual Educator Award!

Ronda is the epitome of Music Education Excellence, not just through her previous work with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Talent Development Program, but through her continued dedication to strengthening the skills of young musicians through Franklin Pond Chamber Music. As part of this award, the OTF is granting her $500 to contribute to a music education cause of her choice.

Click here to listen to her accept this year's award.

Founded in 2001, Franklin Pond Chamber Music began as a “Summer Intensive Program after realizing Atlanta’s need for a high quality summer program for serious string students”. From there, the program quickly grew into a year-round study of chamber music, enriching the lives of young musicians and allowing them to not only broaden their own horizons, but also bring the joy of music to their communities.

Since 2017, Franklin Pond Chamber Music has also held a yearly Chamber Music Competition, providing an opportunity to reward students for their music excellence.

Ronda is a retired violinist with the ASO, and Franklin Pond Chamber Music has garnered national attention for her students and intensive programs (affectionately named after the street where the program began).


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