Benefits & Services

Specialized Departments
With headquarters in New York City and electronic media departments in NYC and Los Angeles, the AFM has specialized departments to assist our diverse membership and local unions:

  • Touring, Theater and Booking
  • Symphonic Services
  • Electronic Media
  • Organizing and Education
  • Governmental Affairs
  • Freelance Services
  • Field Services
  • Membership

Pension The American Federation of Musicians’ and Employers’ Pension Fund (AFM-EPF) is one of the largest pension funds in the entertainment industry. With more than a half billion dollars in assets, millions of dollars are paid out to participating musicians every year. Participants can download a Summary Plan Description to help understand how the Plan works, and can also check the status of their individual employer contributions.

Insurance AFM’s “All-Risk” Musician Instrument and Equipment Insurance Plan protects your instruments and music-related equipment from vandalism, breakage, water, fire, lightening and theft up to the full replacement value. Most homeowner’s and renter’s insurance is not enough to protect from loss, theft or damage on location. Professional musicians depend upon your instruments and equipment. Just think of the exorbitant costs of replacing lost or damaged equipment.

AFM members are protected if they are injured during a performance by signing up for the Musician’s Liability Insurance. This policy provides up to $1 million for each occurrence and up to $2 million of aggregate coverage for lawsuits arising out of bodily injury and/or damage to property for others, occurring on or off premises during your performance.

AFM offers other low-cost insurance options, including:

  • Accidental death and dismemberment
    • Cancer care protection
    • Catastrophic major medical
    • Disability income plan
    • Group term life
    • Hospital indemnity plan
    • Major medical insurance plans
    • Short term medical insurance

For more information on insurance products, please click here.

Deals and Discounts AFM members are entitled to all benefits offered by Union Plus, including bargains for the home, savings on prescription drugs and other health costs, auto insurance, legal services, discounts on computers and technology, as well as discounts on travel and recreation.

One the most popular Union Plus discounts is 15% off AT&T Wireless Service. Find it here.

You are also eligible for an AFL-CIO endorsed credit card, with an average rate 2% below the national average, no annual fee, and a unique, valuable Member Advocacy Program.

For more information, please visit Union Plus at

Benefits of Membership
The advantages include the following:
Financial Benefits
Loan programs
Mortgage programs
Credit card plans
Network with other Musicians
Personal listing in the annual Local Directory of member musicians.
Networking with top professionals.
Educational Advancement
Scholarship support.
Seminars available on request.
Insurance Plans
Life insurance benefit to your designated beneficiaries is free with membership
Reasonably priced instrument and musical equipment replacement insurance available.
Medical coverage available through AFM vendors. (no group plan)
Liability insurance available.
Personal legal and liability coverage plans available.
Job and Wage Enhancement
AFM Pension Plan – $1.4 billion in effect. You can become vested in only 5 years!
Music Performance Funds matching money for live public performances.
Contract negotiation.
Contract enforcement.
Administration of AFM recording and broadcast contracts with industry leaders.
Establishment of local prevailing wages.
Political Support
Lobbying for music industry issues.
Traveling Musicians
Protection for traveling musicians.
Additional Advantages
Free rehearsal space during office hours (small charge for after-hours). Wi-fi provided.
Three membership meetings each year.
Various travel and personal purchase advantages.
Follow-up information exchange on relocated members.
Members receive the following publications:
the monthly local newsletter for members of the
Atlanta Federation of Musicians, Local 148-462
International Musician
the monthly magazine from international offices of the
American Federation of Musicians in New York City